Entry to School Program

The Entry to School (ETS) program supports children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) between the ages of three and six years old who are entering kindergarten or grade one for the first time.

The program features:

  • a six-month group service focusing on building skills that prepare children to start school;
  • transition supports for children when they begin school; and
  • individualized consultations to support a successful transition for the first six months a child is in school.

Accessing Services

The Entry to School (ETS) program is available at no cost to families registered in the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) and who have received an invitation from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services to participate. If you have questions about the ETS program, please contact the intake team through email at OAPintake@ctnsy.ca or by phone at 1-866-377-0286.

If you have received your invitation to register for the Entry to School program and your child attends a school in York Region or Simcoe County, complete the online registration form by clicking the button below. You will be redirected to the Children’s Treatment Network website. 

Entry to School Information Sessions

YSAN provides an information video below for families with children registering for school in York Region and Simcoe County, who want to learn more about the Entry to School (ETS) program. We also provide live sessions during enrollment programs for ETS (January and July), keep an eye out for new dates to be released. 

FAQ - Caregiver Information

Families can register on the YSAN website through the registration form.

Once you’ve registered a service navigator will connect with you and provide next steps for Entry to School enrollment.

 The benefits of the Entry to School program include a focus on preparation for school and transition supports for the first six months after the child begins school. Participating in the ETS program is an individualized decision for each family. Once you are paired with a clinician during the intake process, they can discuss the risks and benefits for the program and answer additional questions you may have to help you make an informed decision.

Each site has a set schedule and program hours. We understand that some planned and unplanned absences may occur (ex; family vacations, appointments with other service providers, and illnesses) however, regular attendance is encouraged for your child to get the most out of the program.

Yes, this is an option. ETS sites have set group program hours. Some families have been able to arrange a schedule with their childcare provider that also allows the child to attend ETS.

Locations and program details will be provided to families during the intake process.

The maximum class size is 12 children.

Classrooms are not separated by age or skill level. Parents will choose classrooms based on their location and the children will then be assigned accordingly. While we may see a variety of needs in each group, programming and supports will be arranged to address the differing needs.

Entry to School is a drop off program. Caregivers need to arrange drop off and pick up of their child and do not remain on site for the duration of the program. If your child struggles to separate from you, ETS staff will work with you to develop a plan to build your child’s tolerance to the separation.

ETS does not provide 1:1 support and may not be the ideal fit for all children. The ETS clinical team will work with the family, and any other involved parties, to manage high support needs within the program’s capacity. Some possible modifications may include a modified schedule, safety and/or behaviour support plans, and/or referral to alternative classrooms or services.

Yes. Children are not required to be toilet trained to be part of the program.  All sites have the ability to address your child’s diapering needs.    

Due to staffing ratios Entry to School staff will not be able to provide intensive training program. However, we will complete scheduled washroom routines within the classroom and will attempt to align with your child’s existing toileting routines.

Snacks and/or meals are to be provided by the family. All sites are peanut free and staff will inform you of any other restrictions.   

Gross motor activity time is embedded in the daily schedule. However, access to outdoor space is subject to each site. 

Transition supports are intended to ensure that the supports and strategies that were successful in our group setting are shared with your child’s school team. ETS clinicians will work with the school-based transition team (including yourself) to set goals for your child’s school entry. Once your child transitions into school, your ETS clinician can provide strategies, resources and consultation to the school team to support individual needs.

The frequency of meetings and school visits are dependent on the support needed by each individual child.  Parents are encouraged to include their ETS clinician in their child’s transition meetings. 

Transition supports are offered for up to 6 months after school start date. The specific length of the support is determined in collaboration with yourself and the school team and is dependent on needs of the child and existing supports. 

 If you have additional questions after watching the video that were not answered in this FAQ, please contact us. 

Six York Simcoe Autism Network (YSAN) partners are delivering the Entry to School program. 

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