Urgent Response Services

Urgent Response Services (URS) is a time-limited, rapid response service that addresses a specific need to prevent further escalation of a child or youth harming themselves, others or property.

The service is available to any child or youth registered in the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) who meets defined ministry criteria which is determined through a screening process that looks at high risk factors.

Services include:

  • Short-term interdisciplinary consultation to a child/youth’s intervention team and/or family and/or educator(s)
  • Respite
  • Direct support to the family and/or professionals involved to implement intervention and/or therapy techniques with the child/youth (e.g., mediator model intervention)
  • Service navigation and coordination to existing services outside of the OAP

URS is not a 24/7 crisis support service or a residential service. Families requiring immediate support outside of regular business hours should proceed to their nearest emergency department of their local hospital.

To access URS, please call 1-866-377-0286, email urs@ctnsy.ca or complete the online referral form. A service navigator will contact you within two business days of receiving the referral to determine eligibility for the service.

Services through the York Simcoe Autism Network (YSAN) are available to all children and youth registered in the OAP at no cost. To learn more about the OAP, visit their website here. 

Foundational Family Services

Foundational Family Services provide a wide range of supports for families of children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

OAP Core Clinical Services

Our core clinical services include applied behaviour analysis, speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and mental health services.

Entry to School Program

The entry to school program will support families with children ages three to six who are registered in the Ontario Autism Program and are entering school for the first time.

Caregiver-mediated Early Years (CMEY) Programs

Caregiver-mediated early years programs support families with young children registered in the Ontario Autism Program between the ages of 12 months and 48 months.

Urgent Response Services

Urgent Response Services are available to children and youth registered in the Ontario Autism Program who meet a defined criteria.

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